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Welcome to the Centre for Studies and Research on integument * CERT

CERT is an informal structure situated within the Unit for Functional Exploration of Skin at Besançon hospital University (CHU) where clinical investigations are carried out. This centre provides expertise in the field of clinical studies and experimental work in vitro and ex vivo for partners. Composed of research engineers, research technicians, medical doctors, a librarian and an assistant manager, this team is capable of implementing clinical trials, biometrological methods with medical or cosmetic concern, pharmacological analysis, or cell biology studies. The studies which are conducted within the CERT, performed at the Besançon University Hospital, and are managed by the Inter Unec Association, which has framework agreement with the hospital. This partnership can contribute to basic research activities of Laboratory of Cutaneous Engineering and Biology (LIBC), University of Franche-Comté. By browsing this website, you will discover methods that will certainly interest in the evaluation of a molecule or a product. Always ready to listen the needs of the industrial world, and anxious to provide it with university resources and knowledge, the CERT has been, is, and, we hope, will be your partner. 5 keywords govern our mission: Creativity, Innovation, Professionalism, Discipline, and finally Satisfaction for our partners.


CERT Team (from left to right)

first row: A. Elkhyat, JM. Sainthillier, T. Lihoreau, P. Humbert, F. Fanian, C. Courderot

Second row : S. Mac-Mary, H. Tauzin, C. Viennet-Steiner,

Third row: C. Tarrit, P. Mermet, Y. Lboutounne, A. Durai, C. Thiébaut

* The integument is the envelop of the body, namely the skin, the mucosae and the skin appendages(hairs, nails…)
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Skin and pollution

CERT and Proviskin company ( share their skills to develop knowledges about the effects of pollution on the skin, including: - The effects of pollution on the penetration of active and ingredients;- The effects of pollution on the surface properties of...

OCT in focus 2016

Dr Ferial Fanian speaks on September 29th, 2016 at the "OCT in focus" meeting, held in Vienna. She presents the CERT researchs on non invasive imaging (and thus particularly Optical Coherence Tomography) for aesthetic medicine and cosmetology.  (have a look also at: )

Book on cosmetics evaluation

CERT participated in the writing of a book (published September 2016) on the objectification of cosmetic products, providing its expertise on the evaluation of the skin radiance:

GDR Cosm'actifs

CERT is part of GDR ("Groupe de Recherche) 3711 CNRS This group of researchers held a symposium on September 26-27th, 2016, at the Moulin d'Ande in Normandie, "At interface of science for cosmetics." Professor Philippe Humbert presented an overview of the...

CERT on french TV

Back on "Télématin" french TV program, in which CERT researches are mentionned, while Dermance anti-ageing products were presented (2010):  (CERT at 3'15)

Conference Pr Humbert - july 2016

Local newspaper talk about one of the conference of Pr Humbert, enhancing the importance and time to spend for diagnosis, for a better patient care. Est Républicain, July 23rd, 2016 (in french):

NAMIB mission

Local newspaper talked about Namib mission of explorer Stéphane Lévin, and collaboration with CERT for skin evaluation (in french):

Pharmacy thesis on leaky gut syndrom

On June 17th, 2016, Mrs Hélène BLAISE presented her work on “leaky gut and 51Cr-EDTA test”, and received her pharmacist thesis. Directed by Pr Philippe HUMBERT, she focused on the existing links between some cutaneous signs of intestinal pathologies (leaky gut...

Article magazine ELLE - Easy Lifting

Pr. Humbert talk in the magazine ELLE published in may 2016 about "Easy Lifiting" (text in french):  

ISBS 2016 - Lisbon

Dr Ferial FANIAN and Thomas LIHOREAU presented some works of CERT in the Lisbon congress of the International Society for Biophysics and Imaging of the Skin (ISBS, , ), held on May 31st – June 3rd. Besançon research center...

Measuring the skin

The book "Measuring the Skin", which edition was directed by Pr Philippe Humbert and Dr Ferial Fanian, in collaboration with Howard Maibach (USA) will be published in June 2016.     

Bioexigence: skin microbiota model

New publication for Bioexigence team, partner company, in the journal "Expression cosmétique" (2016, April) about skin microbiota model based on a skin explant that has been kept alive.    

Skinexigence: interactivity of data

New publication for Skinexigence team, partner company, in the journal "Expression cosmétique" (2016, April) about their interactivity of data work.   

Publication in Psomag

Ahmed Elkhyat and Pr. Humbert talk in the magazine Psomag published in april about "What is the skin" (text in french): Article link Psomag:

Measuring the skin Book

An article for CERT team was published on 2016 April 4th, in the French local journal "L’Est Républicain": this article presented CERT and the upcoming 2nd edition of the book "Measuring the Skin", which edition was directed by Pr Philippe...

Humanitarian mission

Dermastic association, partner of the team of Professor Humbert, held on 2016 March 20th, a humanitarian mission in Casablanca (Morocco). Several hundred of patients with few resources were reviewed by Moroccan doctors and dentists, Pr Humbert who brought his specialist skills in...

Worldwide collaborations

CERT and LIBC work with worldwide centers: the recent PhD of Ranesha GOOROCHURN, native from Mauritius ( , the supervision of PhaengNAKAYAI (Thailand, , and the PhD study of Amanda WANG (China, illustrate these close collaborations (from left to right, accompanied...

Ranesha Goorochurn PhD

On March 22nd, 2016, a PhD student from Mauritius, Mrs Ranesha Goorochurn, obtained the degree of Doctor of Science from the University of Franche-Comté for the work she has developed in collaboration with the Laboratory of Cutaneous Biology (headed by... journal

Pr. Humbert speaks on  “” about the impact of depressive disorder on the skin « Maladie de peau : Et si c’était une dépression ? » (March 2016). More information (text in french):  

Publication J Cosmet Dermatol

New publication for CERT team in the journal J Cosmet Dermatol 2016 Mar 17.(doi: 10.1111/ics.12298) about Evaluation of lifting and antiwrinkle effects of calcium hydroxylapatite filler : “Evaluation of lifting and antiwrinkle effects of calcium hydroxylapatite filler. In vitro quantification...

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