Accès partenaire


“I also appreciate the collaboration with you and your whole team; professionalism and efficiency allow the work to be performed in excellent conditions.”

CRA of I. Group, October 2016


“Thank you very much for attending our Conference and for giving such an interesting presentation which was so well received.

We have received many notes of thanks from those who attended, commenting on the educational and inspirational information that they left with, with some of the attendees saying it was the best conference they have attended.

Your involvement and professionalism helped us to achieve that, and so a big thanks from us all for agreeing to take part and for helping to make the event such a huge success.

With kindest regards“

CEO of V. Ltd, June 2016.


“Dear Prof. Humbert,

the study was performed in a perfect way. We could not get positive results, but there was a positive tendency and afterwards I think we better had gone for a longer application time. Anyway, I’m sure I will come back to you for other studies.

Kind regards“

Mr S… CEO of M. Group, May 2016


Website  reports and highlights works realized in CERT, in particular Ahmed Elkhyat, PhD, about « affinity of skin for thermal water ».


Study performed in CERT and showing skin radiance improvement allowed the food supplement product to be awarded:


réalisation amenothès conception